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Oswald Title Card (Oh What A Knight)
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was a cartoon series released theatrically between 1927 and 1939. The third Walt Disney animated series following Laugh-O-Grams and the Alice Comedies, it is unique in that only the first 27 episodes of the series are currently owned by the Walt Disney Company, the rest belonging instead to Universal Pictures.


The shorts are all under-10-minute affairs focusing on the scrapes that Oswald Rabbit gets into, often facing bully Peg-Leg Pete or chasing after the affection of Ortensia Rabbit.

List of episodesEdit

Cartoons marked * are missing episodes, no print of which is currently known to exist. 

  1. Poor Papa
  2. Trolley Trouble
  3. Oh Teacher
  4. The Mechanical Cow
  5. Great Guns!
  6. All Wet
  7. The Ocean Hop
  8. The Banker's Daughter*
  9. Empty Socks
  10. Rickety Gin*
  11. Harem Scarem*
  12. Neck'n'Neck
  13. The Ol'Swimming Hole
  14. Africa Before Dark
  15. Rival Romeos
  16. Bright Lights
  17. Sagebrush Sadie*
  18. Ride 'Em Plowboy
  19. Ozzie of the Mounted
  20. Hungry Hoboes
  21. Oh, What A Knight
  22. The Sky Scrapper
  23. The Fox Chase
  24. Tall Timber
  25. Sleigh Bells
  26. Hot Dog*
  27. High Up
  28. Mississippi Mud*
  29. Panicky Pancakes*
  30. Fiery Fireman
  31. Rocks and Socks*
  32. South Pole Flight*
  33. Bull-Oney*
  34. A Horse Tale*
  35. Farmyard Follies*
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