The "Otherworld" is a planet located somewhere in the Prime Universe.


The Otherworld was once the home of an advanced species of humanoids only known as the "Bald Guys" or the "Otherworlders". The Otherworlders, through their advanced technology, created a network of teleportation wormholes bridging planets all across the universe to theirs; indeed, "otherworld" was the name given to this planet by an ancient Earthly people, whom they had had contact with.

Centuries ago, the Otherworld was the target of a brutal takeover by the oafish, warmongering Reptile-Men, another alien species who had accidentally destroyed their own planet. They were successful in uprooting the Otherworlders, who escaped to another world after blowing up all but one of their wormholes. The Reptile-Men's warlike ways steadily damaged the planet ever since, to the point that they attempted to abandon it and yet again take over a new planet to live (in this case, Earth).

The Otherworld has an atmosphere that is breathable to Earthlings, though it has the curious effect on them of imbuing them with superhuman strength — except in the presence of gold. The Otherworld's vegetation is lush and colorful, though rendered scarce by the damage the Reptile-Men dealt to its environment. Little is known of the Otherworld's fauna; at some point, the Earth-born Triceratopses were introduced to the Otherworld, either by the Otherworlders or the Reptile-Men.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Otherworld appears in the 2002 story Planet of the Oafs.

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