The “Otherworld”'s Moon was a moon that orbits the Otherworld.

Description Edit

This yellow Moon was, along with a somewhat less conventional celestial body, the natural satellite of the planet known as the Otherworld to Earthlings. Though greatly resembling the Earth's Moon, the Otherworld's Moon appeared to be yellow as opposed to white, and, most glaringly, a hollow structure rather than solid.

In 2002, Huey Duck (using temporary superstrength derived from the Otherworld's atmosphere) was forced to deflect a Reptile-Man missile away from him and his family and onto the Moon, which cracked open upon the impact and was irreparably shattered. Huey unconvincingly "apologized for the damage" to the Reptile-Men before they were all swept up in the developing events, and little mind was paid to the destruction of the satellite, which left the Triple Moon as the only body orbiting the Otherworld.

Behind the scenes Edit

This Moon was only ever seen in the 2002 story Planet of the Oafs.

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