Otherworlders, also known as "Bald Guys" are a species of alien, sentient humanoid beings.


Otherworlders are a species of short, bald humanoids. Their long-standing civilization, originating on the planet known to Earth as the Otherworld, had developed the technology to build a network of wormholes, which linked their planet to others all across the galaxy. One of these was ancient Earth, where a people of the Indus sub-continent had numerous contacts with the Otherworlders, building them a Temple to house the Earth portal.

Some time later, however, another species of aliens, the oafish and warmongering Reptile-Men, decided to take over the Otherworld, having accidentally rendered their own planet utterly uninhabitable. Rather than fight back in a bloody war, the Otherworlders deserted the planet, destroying the wormhole network and thus leaving the Reptile-Men forever stranded on Otherworld. They, meanwhile, escaped to another planet which they terraformed, and were no worse for wear, save that they had to cut ties with the various primitive planets they formerly had access to through their wormholes.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Otherworlders first appeared in the story Planet of the Oafs in 2002.

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