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Otto Duck is an anthropomorphic duck.


The rather eccentric Otto Duck is Daisy Duck's father. He loves photographing and does not seem too bright. A picture of Otto Duck (as a bearded, glasses-wearing duck) hangs in Donald Duck's living room.[1] Otto may be none other than a sibling of Ludwig von Drake.

Behind the scenes

A portrait of an anonymous duck hangs in Donald Duck's living room in the 1955 story A Descent Interval. However, he was only identified as Daisy Duck's father and Donald's half-uncle in 1999 by Johannes A. Grote. Daisy Duck's father first appeared on purpose in the 1957 cartoon Donald's Diary.

Ludwig von Drake has been referred to as a direct uncle of Daisy Duck. Considering the resemblance that exists between them, the most likely way to achieve this would be for Otto to be Ludwig's brother (who either changes his name to Duck for unknown reasons, or is Ludwig's half-brother, sharing a mother but not a father).

In Johannes A. Grote's Duck Family Tree, Otto is depicted as an uncle of Donald Duck, and simultaneously the brother of Grandma Duck and Scrooge McDuck (as the tree is of the school which sees Elvira as Scrooge's sister and Donald's mother). These curious facts, which would make Daisy Donald's first cousin, are hard to reconcile with most other known data on Duck genealogy.

Notes and references

  1. This portrait, seen in A Descent Interval, was identified as Otto Duck in Johannes A. Grote's Duck Family Tree.