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Tower to the Stars is an unpublished one-page story written by Vic Lockman. It features Scrooge McDuck and Magica De Spell.


Scrooge McDuck owns the key to a treasure chest hidden in the jungle, while Magica De Spell knows the exact location. Together, they fly Magica's broomstick above the jungle. Not keen on sharing the treasure with Magica, Scrooge jumps from the broomstick as soon as they reach the right position, landing past the hideout's defenses.

Behind the scenes

No information is available on when the story was delivered, or even to who it was delivered (the Publisher section of the story on the Inducks is empty). At any rate, it was never printed, possibly due to its poor plotting (the plot appears to be that of a long story but is instead rushed out into a single page, making it either a very unfunny gag or an unsatisfyingly short adventure story).

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