Outta Time is a cartoon story written by Darrick Bachman, Dave Wasson and Paul Rudish, and directed by Wasson. It features Mickey MouseMinnie MouseGoofy, Donald Duck and Ludwig von Drake, as well as the debuts of the Primitive-Type Cavepeople, Gloofitas, Goofacles, and a goofified Von Drake.

Synopsis Edit

Visiting Ludwig von Drake's latest scientific exhibit at the Hall of Science with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Goofy accidentally sets off into the past inside one of Von Drake's experimental Time Pods. Before Mickey, Donald and Ludwig know it, Goofy's careless time travel cause ripples in time, resulting in an aberrant, “goofified” timeline where all living beings are variations of Goofy himself! Mickey and a reluctant Donald find themselves forced to travel into the past to right this wrong, but what they find there surpasses all imagination…



  • Where Mickey is enthusiastic at visiting the "sciencey" exhibit, Donald is instead wary to the point of paranoia, mentioning that bad things tend to happen to he and Mickey whenever they come to the Hall. This references two previous episodes of Mickey Mouse: The Series, Down the Hatch (2014) and Split Decision (2016), which both also featured a visit to Von Drake in the Hall of Science that goes awary.
  • As in those two previous episodes, Ludwig von Drake appears to work at the Hall of Science, where he occasionally hosts exhibits showcasing his latest mechanical creations.
  • The Time Pods bear a certain resemblance to Von Drake's earlier attempt at a time machine, the Time Reverser, seen in the cartoon Time Reverser (1999).

Behind the scenes Edit

Outta Time is an episode of the Mickey Mouse: The Series. Like the two cartoons to which it act as a sequel of sorts (Down the Hatch and Split Decision), it is one of the longer episodes in a series, at over seven minutes (double the usual length).

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