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The Purifying Environmentally Rectifying and Cleansing Yeoman, better known as the P.E.R.C.Y. (or even simply Percy), also called the Worminator, and named the B.U.Z., or Buzz, in the original Italian, is a construct resembling a gigantic worm.


A gigantic genetic construct in the shape of a worm, the P.E.R.C.Y. was created by cosmic mastermind Galacius Greymatter. Its purpose is to disintegrate polluted planet (by "eating" them) and then reconstruct them in pristine shape, with the plan being to use these abilities to cleanse the polluted planets of the Nebula of Nerdana while the inhabitants waited safe inside Greymatter's space station.

A random wormhole opened however, and landed the P.E.R.C.Y. (still in planet-eating mode) in the Galaxy of Mono-Ocularis, where his unexplained appearance terrified the inhabitants who called him the Worminator. The Mono-Ocularians attempted to kill the "beast" (using Earth's stolen Moon as bait), but the detective work of Eega Beeva and Mickey Mouse allowed them figure out the creature's origin and seek out Greymatter.

Once Greymatter retook control of his creation, he led it away from Mono-Ocularis and the Solar System and allowed it to complete the recreation process in Nerdana. Having expelled all the planet matter, the P.E.R.C.Y. shrunk back to dog-size, and Greymatter kept it as a pet.

Behind the scenes

The P.E.R.C.Y. was created for the story Plan Dine from Outer Space.