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Peter Pete Junior, nicknamed P.J. or Peej, and formerly referred to by his father as simply Junior, is the son of Peter Pete and Peg Pete.


Pete, Junior, commonly referred to as P.J., is the son of Peg-leg Pete and Peg Pete. By 1992, he was living in Spoonerville with his parents and younger sister, Pistol. There, he became friends with Max Goofy, and the two would remain friends through college. [1]

Behind the scenes

A son of Pete simply named "Junior" appeared in Bellboy Donald in 1942, but made no further appearances until fifty years later, when Pete's originally bratty son was drastically reimagined for Goof Troop (much like Goofy's own son from the 1950's had been reimagined into Max Goofy.

The Junior of "Bellboy Donald."

There is a current of thought that would distinguish the Bellboy Donald Junior from the later Pete Junior, with some theories going so far as to suggest that the Junior of Bellboy Donald was actually a son of Pete and Minnie Mouse.[2] Evidence for this curious idea is garnered from the fact that Junior somewhat resembles a cross between the two characters. Curiously, the timeline for this matches somewhat well, as Minnie and Pete did date briefly in 1929[3]. If they had conceived during this time, their child would be around 13-years-old by the time of Bellboy Donald, which fits fairly well with the portrayal of Junior in that short.

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