NonDisney Count Pacôme Hégésippe Adélard Ladislas de Champignac, better known as the Count of Champignac, is a human man.


The Count of Champignac is an elderly French gentleman from the village of Champignac-en-Cambrousse, an eccentric and reclusive scientist. Both scientifically and gastronomically, he is extremely fond of mushrooms, and most of his inventions are applications of substances he extracted from rare breeds of mushrooms. The Count is good friends with Spirou and Fantasio, having first met them when they cleared his name of witchcraft while on holiday in Champignac. The Count, who was once married, had an adventurous and picturesque youth, shared with the likes of Zorglub and Alan Turing.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Count of Champignac first appeared in the 1950 comic story There's A Sorcerer in Champignac, and soon became a recurring character in the Spirou& Fantasio series. Like other characters from this series, he is not owned in any way, shape or form by the Walt Disney Company at present, though the series is considered canonical to mainstream Disney comics by way of repeated crossovers.

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