Panchito is a comic story written and penciled by Ken Hultgren, and possibly inked by Dick Moores. It features Panchito Pistoles and Clara Cluck, as well as several incidental characters.


Panchito Pistoles comes to Calisota to whisk off his new girlfriend Clara Cluck on a crazy trip to his home country of Mexico. Restaurants, old friends of Panchito's, and unfortunate opera-singers stuck in large jars are only some of the hallmarks of the "happy couple"'s silly wanderings…

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was only ever published in English in 1943, in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #38.

The story gives Panchito's full name as “José Francisco Alisandro de Lima y de la Loma”. Not So Goofy would later retcon his name to be the equally-cumbersome, but rather different, “Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero Gonzalez III”.

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