Pancho is a semi-anthropomorphic buzzard.


A Chilean buzzard, Pancho is a close friend to an anthropomorphic airplane, Pedro. According to Pedro's mother, he taught the young plane "all he knows about flying." He often gave young Pedro lessons, presumably on flight and survival in the air surrounding the Andes mountains. When Pedro began to run out of fuel during his first flight through the mail route that leads from Santiago to Mendoza and back, it was Pancho who came to his rescue, gripping the plane's sack of mail with his talons and pulling both the mail and its carrier home.

Behind the scenesEdit

Pancho's first official appearance was in Pedro.

He seems to have been inspired by a buzzard who appeared in the original Pedro segment of the 1942 film, Saludos Amigos.
Pedro and the Buzzard

Buzzard with an appearance similar to Pancho in Pedro

This character had only a brief appearance and only served to tease Pedro and lead him towards Aconcagua. However, while the original buzzard character was arguably something of an antagonist, Pancho is clearly a protagonist, serving as a mentor, friend, and teacher to Pedro. Pancho also plays a much larger role in the comic story than the buzzard did in the film.
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