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Pangaea "Pangy" Toft is a male dognose.


Once a great explorer and the head of a group of other explorers named after continents, Pangaea Toft was forced to retire by his growing rheumastisms around 1984. His friends went on one last trip, without him, secretly looking for a magical 'fountain of youth' in the middle of a nondescript African jungle. In a tight spot, Toft's friends were betrayed by one of their numbers, one Kundari Kandam, who left them to drown in a flooding river to save himself. Bereft of all his companions, Toft left adventuring altogether and settled in a nice residential home a few houses down from Mickey Mouse's, where he was often visited by Eurasia Toft.

Finally, in 2004, Eurasia, along with Mickey Mouse and Goofy, rescued the explorers and exposed Kandam's trickery. A small chip off the rejuvenating stone was brought to Pangaea, curing him from his rheumastim and turning back his clock a few years. The rejuvenated Toft and his newly-returned friends then got back into adventuring.

Behind the scenes

Pangaea Toft was only ever seen in the 2004 The Lost Explorers' Trail.