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Parallel Universes are alternate universes to the main setting of Disney comics.


Parallel Universes exist outside of the regular universe, within a multiverse known to some as the "Mindscape". It is possible, through miscellaneous technological and magical means, to travel from the regular universe to a parallel universe and back, though this is hard and dangerous. Of all multidimensional travellers, Negaduck and Magica De Spell are perhaps the most experienced, having visited hundreds of alternate universes using the Inter-Dimensional Express.

Alternate Continuities

Also known as alternate timelines, alternate continuities are a subtype of parallel universes which resemble the main universe except for an arbitrary number of differences. Some branch off the main timeline at one key point, which, through the butterfly effect, leads to a drastically different version of the present-day. Others are distorted versions of the main universe (occasionally with a different setting and world history) that still retain counterparts of key people from the main timeline, whose personal history may echo (or even closely resemble) their original's one.

List of Parallel Universes


Type From Description
Negaverse Alternate Continuity Darkwing Duck

A universe similar to the main one, but with villains' and heroes' alignments reversed, resulting in a nightmarish reality as hero Darkwing Duck's counterpart Negaduck succeeded in taking over the world.

2017 Continuum Alternate Continuity DuckTales 2017, Wander Over Yonder. A very similar counterpart of the main universe, with a few key differences in the personality, appearance and past of some characters and locations such as Webby Vanderquack and Atlantis. The Yonder Galaxy exists in this universe, whereas it might not in the main universe.
Donaldless Continuum Alternate Continuity The Duck Who Never Was  A version of the main universe branching off on the date of Donald Duck's birth; in this world, Donald was never born, resulting in a life of misery for many of his friends and relatives' counterparts.
Desmond Continuum Alternate Continuity Brother Duck A version of the main universe branching off on the date of Donald Duck's birth; in this world, Donald is replaced with a more "successful" twin of himself, Desmond Duck, an evil supergenius who hijacked Scrooge's fortune and used it to take over Duckburg and become its authoritarian dictator.
X-Dimension Other World X-Mickey A gothic-themed alternate dimension populated with various monsters and magical beings. Travel from and back to the X-Dimension is regulated and frequent, though secret on Earth's end.
Middle-Earth Other World Back to There Again A parallel fantasy universe (a more comedic version of the setting of Tolkien's famous Legendarium) populated by wizards, orcs and other such beings.
Shambor Other World Shambor Saga A fantasy universe accessed (and controlled) through a magical book in the main universe. Only the holder of the book can travel to and from Shambor, and he has duties as a savior and hero for Shambor. Mickey Mouse is the current holder of the book.
Wizardverse Alternate Continuity Wizards of Mickey A fantasy version of the main universe, with almost all the characters from the main universe having counterparts there. There has been no evidence of travel from this universe to the main one as of 2017.
Pikappa Continuum Alternate Continuity PK-Pikappa An alternate timeline of the main universe where Donald Duck never found Phantomius's diary and only became the Duck Avenger much later, as part of an intergalactical organization called the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Scheherazade Continuum Alternate Continuity Two Thousand and One Nights Futuristic Arabian-Nights-inspired universe where Scrooge McDuck's counterpart reigns as a productivity-obsessed tyrant. Brigitta McBridge's counterpart fruitlessly tries to convince him of the worth of whimsy and fantasy, and does so by travelling to the main universe with an illicit dimension-hopping device to bring back creative stories to entertain him.
All-Star Continuum Alternate Continuity Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue Strange alternate universe in which Huey, Dewey, and Louie exist as fictional characters which can come to life from merchandise of their franchise, along with other fictional characters that do not otherwise exist in the Duckverse.
Dali Universe Other world Destino, The Persistence of Mickey World created by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali. It can be traveled to from the main universe through the drawing board on which it was created, as well as, in certain circumstances, through dreams. Mickey, Goofy, Peg-Leg Pete, and Donald have all traveled to this world.
The Heart Kingdoms

Other World/Alternate Contunuity

The Kingdom Hearts series Mini-Multiverse containing multiple worlds, some of which resemble alternate continuities, while others seem to be completely separate worlds.
Wasteland Other world

The Epic Mickey series

World for forgotten people and things from across the multiverse, created by Yen Sid and accessible from the Prime Universe through Yen Sid's workshop and other magical items such as the Castle of Illusion. Forgotten people and discarded objects can end up in Wasteland from any universe, including the Land of Oz and several alternate continuities.
Misc. Alternate Continuities Alternate Continuities

The Epic Mickey series

The home universes of several alternate versions of characters who came to Wasteland (including Horace Horsecollar) after being forgotten in their homeworlds.
Oz Other World

The Wizard of Oz and sequels

A magical world inhabited by good and bad witches and strange creatures such as Munchkins. It can be accessed through magical means such as magic mirrors, or, apparently, by being flung through physical space in extraordinary circumstances (such as a tornado). Oz sometimes contains "counterparts" to people from the main universe, but for the most part functions as an Other World rather than alternate continuity.
Alternate Darkwing Universes Alternate Continuities Darkwing Duck Many alternate universes visited by Negaduck and Magica De Spell to kidnap each universe's version of Darkwing Duck.
Descendants Universe Alternate Continuity Descendants and spinoffs Alternate universe in which all the magical kingdoms in the world (and then some) exist on a single magical contient, Auradon. Although characters names and appearances in this universe are usually generally the same as from the main universe, their personalities are usually vastly different.
Star Multiverse Other World Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Gravity FallsDisney XD Promos A group of alternate universes, including an alternate version of Earth. Characters from these universes have occasionally travelled to the 2017 Continuum using dimension-hopping technology.
Feudarnia Alternate Continuity Donald Quest An alternate universe inhabited by viking-like versions of the inhabitants of the main universe, taking place in space, and split into many "burghs" (floating islands).
Sir Donald's World Alternate Continuity Donald Duck and the Alternate Lives An alternate continuity where Donald Duck won the Duckburg lottery, earning $20,000,000, and subsequently became an arrogant businessman who cut ties with his family. 
Soccer Donald's World Alternate Continuity Donald Duck and the Alternate Lives An alternate continuity where Donald Duck became a star soccer player in Duckburg, only to discover the dark side of fame as his team's coach engaged in immoral dealings for profit, compromising the integrity of the team. 
Demogorgana Other World The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Creek (mentioned) A timeless demon dimension where the 2017 Continuum version of Scrooge McDuck traveled to stop a demon uprising caused by the theft of the Eye of Demogorga by Goldie O'Gilt. He was stuck there for a while, which had a de-aging effect on him.
Pandemonium Other World The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Creek (mentioned) Another timeless demon dimension, where Goldie O'Gilt found it plausible that Scrooge McDuck might have traveled (though in truth he had been in Demogorgana)
Club Penguin Universe Alternate Continuity

Club Penguin

An alternate continuity to the Prime Universe, the Descendants Universe, and the 2017 Continuum in which all people are some type of anthropomorphic Arctic or Antarctic animal. Has an alternate continuity to itself, the Club Penguin Island Universe.
The Euclidean Plane Other World

The Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids & alt.

A world populated with sentient geometrical shapes.
Cupid Homeworld Other World The Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids A world made up of floating clouds, inhabited by the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids.
Two-Headed Universe Alternate Continuity Crisis on Infinite Darkwings A universe like the Prime Universe in every way but one: every inhabitant of the universe has two heads.
Quiverwing Universe Alternate Continuity Crisis on Infinite Darkwings A universe in which, among other differences, Gosalyn Mallard is dead and Darkwing Duck has taken up the mantle of Quiverwing Duck in her honor.
Darkwarrior's Universe Alternate Continuity Time and Punishment, Crisis on Infinite Darkwings A universe in which Darkwing Duck has conquered the city of St. Canard as the cruel tyrant Darkwarrior Duck. Branched from the Prime Universe in 1992 after Gosalyn Mallard was kidnapped by Quackerjack and Megavolt and sent to the future, an event which was later undone in the Prime Universe, but not in Darkwarrior's.

Crossover Continuities

Crossover continuities are other fictional universes or multiverses, not owned by Disney, which have been confirmed to exist within the same multiverse as the Prime Universe and all the above alternate universes. Such universes have limited coverage on this Wiki as they relate to the Disney Comics Universe, and are otherwise covered on their own Wikis.


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