Paris Adventure is a comic story drawn by Jack Bradbury. It features Mickey Mouse and Goofy, with an unnamed conman serving as the story-specific main antagonist. Napoléon Bonaparte is mentioned on two occasions, and Goofy mentions his Grandpappy.


On holiday in Paris, Mickey Mouse and Goofy are just through admiring the landmarks when Goofy gets hooked by a scammer who sells him the Eiffel Tower for $202 and 2 cents. They rush to the police station, but find the local law enforcement just as baffled as they are; the conman who has been playing the old trick seems to be a master of disguise. Naturally, Mickey and Goofy decide to investigate, hoping to exploit the extent to which Goofy looks like the perfect mark…


Behind the scenesEdit

Paris Adventure, which is interestingly branded “a Mickey Mouse Club comic”, was first printed iN 1963 in Mickey Mouse #89. It was reprinted in #173 of the same book and also printed in English, outside the U.S.A., in the South African Mickey Mouse #89 and the Australian Mickey Mouse #86 and #250.

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