Huey Smoking

Don Rosa's notorious parody Return to Duckburg Place features such incongruous images as Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck smoking.

Parodies are stories involving preexisting characters and concepts but which, instead of telling further tales about them in the style of those which came before, exists solely to lampoon the originals and their perceived flaws.

For obvious reasons, parodies are usually not considered considered canonical, as they tend to intentionally break continuity, status quo or even the rules of the satirized setting — though there are several exceptions.

Many licensed stories contain self-parodic elements; for example, the Walt Disney Studios' own Enchanted and Frozen poke fun at earlier Disney Classics' tropes and clichés, such as "love at first sight" between the male and female leads.

In turn, much as non-Disney media parody Disney stories, oodles of Disney stories are parodies of preexisting tales, most notably the Great Parodies.

List of parodies covered on the WikiEdit

Considering their oft-unlicensed nature, their frequent non-canonicity and their sheer number, not every parody has a place on the $crooge McDuck Wiki.

The following list details which are deemed notable enough to be covered on the Wiki, for a variety of reasons, ranging from involvement of official creators to sheer fame. If you have a suggestion of a parody which should be covered on the Wiki, please comment below and the Wiki's administrative team will examine the request.

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