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The Peddler is a human man and, per some accounts, actually a disguise of the Genie.


This comical, diminutive merchant is prone to tell long-winded (but not necessarily made-up) stories behind the items he has for sale. In this capacity, he told a camera crew the story of Aladdin and Jasmine, and further adventures of the couple besides.[1] Although, after telling the story of Aladdin and Jasmine, the Peddler revealed himself as a human disguise of the free Genie,[2] the Peddler and the Genie were found as two separate prisoners in the Castle of Illusion by Mickey Mouse when he foiled Mizrabel's plot to escape Wasteland,[3] and in the parallel universe of the Heart Kingdoms, the Peddler (KH) was an entirely different person from the Genie to the extent that he ended up being manipulated into rubbing Jafar's Lamp and freeing Jafar.[4] What conclusions one might draw from this is entirely ambiguous.

Behind the scenes

The Peddler first appeared in Aladdin. The original intent was for him to be the Genie, an idea for which many hints remain in the film, beginning with his sharing a voice actor with the Genie and being in possession of the Genie's Lamp. After the reveal scene was cut for time, however, many later writers failed to pick up on the implication, resulting in the Peddler being merchandised, and in a few cases written, as a different individual from the Genie.

Voice Actors

  • Robin Williams (spoken voice in Aladdin)
  • Bruce Adler (singing voice in all appearances)
  • Corey Burton (spoken voice in Kingdom Hearts II, actually an alternative version of the character)

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