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Pedro is a 1952 comic story featuring art by Bill Weaver.[2] It features Papa Plane, Mama Plane, Pancho, Mt. Aconcagua and the titular Pedro.


Little Pedro, a young anthropomorphic airplane living in Santiago, Chile, wants to grow up to be a mail plane likes his papa and has been learning about flight and geography from his buzzard friend, Pancho. His big day arrives when both his father and mother are unable to fly the mail one day, leaving up to him. Will the journey, especially around the dangerous peak of Aconcagua, prove to be too treacherous for Pedro, or will he, perhaps with the help of a friend, be able to pull through?



  • Pedro is a remake of the short film of the same name that was originally released as a segment of Saludos Amigos. The comic is mostly faithful to the short film, with few contradictions in sight. The only major difference, in terms of story and plot, between the two is the comic's inclusion of Pancho, a character who seems to be roughly inspired by a bird that made a brief appearance in the cartoon. The comic uses the Pancho character as an explanation as to how Pedro made his way home after running out of fuel, whereas the cartoon leaves it up to the viewer to decide how Pedro survived.

Behind the scenesEdit

Pedro was first released in September of 1952 in Silly Symphonies #1. It was drawn and inked by Bill Weaver.[2] When it was reprinted in Walt Disney Comics Digest #17 in November of 1969, it was titled Junior Mailman.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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