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Pedro is a 1942 short film, initially released as part of the package film, Saludos Amigos, and later released as a standalone short film in 1955[1], that features the titular Pedro, Papa Plane, and Mama Plane as well as the Aconcagua. Pancho may make an appearance as well.


Young Pedro is a Chilean anthropomorphic airplane who spends his days in school. When his father, a mail plane, finds himself unable to fly the mail route due to a cold, and his mother is unable as well, it is up to young Pedro to take on the responsibility as he flies through treacherous mountains, including the fear-inducing Aconcagua. Will he survive his first ever mail delivery, or will his childishness lead him to danger?


  • Pedro was adapted into a comic story of the same name in 1943. Here, the story of Pedro is shown to be a storybook that Donald Duck reads to Huey, Dewey, and Louie, implying that Pedro's adventures did not really occur in the Prime Universe and are simply the inventions of some storybook author. However, it is worth noting that what is shown in Donald's storybook does not match exactly with what is shown in the original Pedro. In Pedro, the young plane makes it safely to Mendoza and has troubles on his way back to Santiago. In Donald's storybook, Pedro struggles to even make it to Mendoza and, upon arrival in Mendoza, learns that he had forgotten to even bring the mail with him.
  • Pedro would also be adapted into a comic story in 1952, Pedro. The film and comic are nearly identical, the most significant difference between the two being the comic's inclusion of a character called Pancho, a buzzard and friend of Pedro's whose design seems to be based on the unnamed buzzard who appears briefly in the short film. Pancho serves as the comic's explanation as to how Pedro made it safely home, whereas the short film leaves it up to the viewer to fill in the gaps.

Behind the scenes

Pedro was originally released as a segment of Saludos Amigos on August the 24th, 1942. It was later release as a standalone short film on May the 13th, 1942.[1] It was directed by Hamilton Luske, with a story written by William Cottrell, Dick Huemer, and Joe Grant. Vladimir Tytla, Fred Moore, and Ward Kimball are credited with having handled character animation for the film, while Joshua Meador worked on "effects animation". Paul Smith is credited with having composed the music for the short.

Notes and References

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