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The Peeweegah are a species of sentient humanoid beings who may be some type of forest spirits.


The Peeweegah are a tribe of "Pygmy Indians" living deep in the Northern Woods. They can communicate with animals and are lead by a chief.

The Peeweegah lived peacefully in their forest for centuries, until 1957, when Scrooge McDuck purchased the land from Sidewalk Sam to get away from civilization. The Peeweegah, fearing that he was coming to destroy their lands, tried to flee. Scrooge talked with the chief, telling him that he only wanted to get away from Duckburg, although he had trouble trying to suppress his greedy urges to capitalize on the land. Donald Duck agreed to fight off an enormous fish in their stream to prove that Scrooge's intentions were good. Scrooge and his nephews helped him to do it by poisoning the fish with Oxide of Strombolium. Scrooge then shared a peace pipe with the Peeweegah, and left after having a violent reaction to it (it had been spiked with Oxide of Strombolium).

A few years later, Scrooge and co returned to the Northern woods to manage Scrooge's new pulp mill. Scrooge was kidnapped by the Peeweegah, who asked him to close down his mill, as the smog from it was blowing into their lands. Scrooge eventually agreed to close the mill so that the Peeweegah would set him and his nephews free. To prove it, Donald once again had to fight off a monstrosity: an enormous strip mining machine. Donald succeeded in destroying the machine, and went to talk to factory foreman Ravage DeFlora, telling him that Scrooge said to shut down the mill. DeFlora refused, instead pumping more smog out intentionally, to drive off the Peeweegah permanently. Hearing this, the Peeweegah told the forest animals to attack the mill. DeFlora poured more and more toxic chemicals out of the mill in retaliation. The Peeweegah planned to release a damn that the animals had created in the stream by the mill, which would cause a flood, destroying the factory, even though it would mean breaking the Peeweegah sacred vow against violence. Scrooge, however, would not let them do this, and released the damn himself. As the factory was destroyed in an enormous surge of rapids, Scrooge loudly informed Ravage DeFlora that he was fired.

The Peeweegah presumably still live in the Northern Woods.

Behind the scenes

The Peeweegahs first appeared in Land of the Pygmy Indians by Carl Barks.