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Percival "Peg-Leg" Pete is an anthropomorphic hybrid of cat and bear.


Large, muscular and obese, Pete is a renowned scoundrel. Although not very bright, Pete has nonetheless often succeeded in forming criminal organizations, though he can also 'work' on his own or with his closest accomplice, Scuttle, when he isn't simply being obnoxious at some legal job. Pete is one of Mickey Mouse's oldest nemesises, though their relationship is not as hateful as it was in the earlier days, Mickey having gradually realized Pete actually had some good in him (as demonstrated by his having a girlfriend, Trudy Van Tubb, and even having been briefly married and retaining a son and a daughter from this short-lived marriage).

Behind the scenesEdit

Pete first appeared in 1925 in Alice Solves the Puzzle and remained a recurring character of the Alice Comedies cartoon series. He then appeared in Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and also in Mickey Mouse; by the 40's, he stopped appearing in Oswald cartoons and exclusively antagonized Mickey and Donald, both in cartoons and in comics.

Voice ActorsEdit