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Peg Pete is the mother of the Pete family.


Peg Pete is the wife of Peg-Leg Pete. The two have known each other since high school, when Pete was a football player and Peg was a cheerleader with young Goofy.[1] According to one account, they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in 1992, which would mean that they married in 1972.[2] Together they are the parents of PJ and Pistol Pete. The couple also own a dog named Chainsaw.

Peg is a real estate agent who owns the Peg O' My Heart Agency. Despite the fact that Pete doesn't like Goofy very much, Peg considers him a very good friend and often tries to reel in her husband's more loutish behavior.

Behind the scenes

Peg first appeared in Forever Goof, the pilot episode of Goof Troop. While she appeared throughout all of Goof Troop, she did not appear in its sequel films, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie. This had led some fans to speculate that she may have divorced her husband Peg-Leg Pete between the events of Goof Troop and A Goofy Movie.

Official word from the writers is Peg and Pistol are still with the Pete family but simply didn't appear in the movies[3], saying what Peg and Pistol are doing is up to the imagination of the viewer.[4] Peg and Pistol are mentioned in the 2021 translation of the graphic novel adaptation of Goof Troop.

Whilst Peg's species is never mentioned in the show and she has human-like ears as seen in "Come Fly with Me", she has the same small pure black nose, the cat-eared characters such as Pete and PJ have as opposed to the larger and shinier nose possessed by the dog eared characters like Goofy and Max.

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