Pepinillo Cornudo is a male dognose.


The smooth-talking, vain, and utterly amoral Pepillo Cornudo is a Mexican businessman of some notoriety, best-known as a bullfight organizer. In 2008, Cornudo became obsessed with getting hold of Scrooge McDuck's Unicorn to use the beast as the star of a one-of-a-kind corrida. Scrooge violently refused to partner up with Cornudo on ethical grounds, leading Cornudo to resort to sheer theft; however, after breaking into the Unicorn's pad at night, Cornudo was confronted by an irate McDuck and the utter absence of the Unicorn (whom Scrooge had sent to Shangri-Lala with Donald Duck).

Behind the scenesEdit

Pepinillo Cornudo is the main antagonist of the 2008 story Return to Shangri-Lala, a sequel to Trail of the Unicorn (1950) written by François Corteggiani.

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