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Percy (serial number M-16X) is a male sentient robot.


Polite but forceful Percy was created by Duckburg Robotics, Inc. under the supervision of Professor Mollicule. A special issue of their M-16 line of house-keeping robots, Percy was programmed to take care of 200 hotels, and thus had an accelerated cleaning program — which in practice made him obsessed with tidiness to a ridiculous extent. In 2004, Percy was accidentally rented to Donald Duck in place of a regular M-16 and proceeded to literally drive him up the wall.

Behind the scenes

Percy was only ever seen in the 2004 story The Idle Glitch.

William Van Horn's earlier character Perfecto 4000 (from No Room for Human Error) has significant similarities to Percy, both in character and in design, though Perfecto is openly villainous.