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Percy Pigg, sometimes misspelled Percy Pig, is an anthropomorphic pig.

Description Edit

Percy Pigg is a friend and neighbor of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. He is a friend and "rival" of Horace Horsecollar, and they often engage in gambling. In one instance, this caused him to lose the ring he used to propose to his wife to Horace, who then used it to propose to Clarabelle Cow.[2] Percy Pigg is married to Patricia Pigg, and has two children, Peggy Pigg and Plato Pigg.

It seems that Percy is sometimes known by the name "Ambrose". It is unknown if this a nickname, a middle name, or some other type of name. What is known that, in conversation, his wife once referred to "my Ambrose", presumably referencing him.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

Percy Pigg first appeared in The Opry House in 1929.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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