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Perilous Portrait, initially titled Portrait of a Lady, is a comic story written and drawn by Carlo Gentina. It features Magica De Spell, Scrooge McDuck and Ratface.


In a nth attempt to get inside Scrooge McDuck's money bin to steal his Number One Dime, Magica De Spell transports herself into an old painting which she mails to Scrooge. Unfortunately, she might be a little too restless to keep up the charade.

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in July of 2015 in the Dutch Donald Duck #2015-27. It was printed in the United States in 2016 in Walt Disney's Giant Halloween Hex #1.

The original pun at the end was that Magica described her mistake as "a blunder to frame", a Dutch expression which means a mistake that is so crowningly stupid and special that it almost deserves to be put in a frame like an antique or a trophy. In the English translation, David Gerstein replaced it with another pun that fits a little less with the rest of the story: "I'd say I was framed… except I did it to myself!".