The Strange Man is a minor antagonist from the Transitional Era.


The Strange Man is essentially a mad scientist, ruthless in his methods, brilliant in his knowledge, and with the aim to conquer the world. He appears to have extensive knowledge in biochemistry and archaeology, and is also able to pilot a plane.


Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck are scared of a strange man that lives near them. The strange man passes in front of their house,carrying a packet that contains chemicals. Donald advises his nephews to stay away from this man, but despite his warnings they go and secretly spy on him. They observe him while he mixes ingredients in his workshop.

The man notices the three kids and abducts them. Donald goes to find them, but the man knocks him out and kidnaps him as well. The four ducks find themselves locked inside the cabin of an airplane, flying over Gibraltar, piloted by the Scientist, who lands at the site where the ancient city of Itsa Faka used to be.

Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie unload the tools into the desert and start digging where their kidnapper tells them. They find a city buried in the sand. They all enter inside the city, where the scientist believes the ancient inhabitants are still alive.

The scientist finds a royal bathtub and the dust of the members of a royal family. With some chemical reactions, he manages to revive the king and his daughter. They were turned to dust because an ancient prince denied to marry the daughter.

The mad scientist tries to find how the ancients dried themselves, as the Itsa Fakans had it as a ritual to get dried alive to dust, when it was their time to die. He wants to conquer the world with this knowledge.

When Donald is about to get married to the princess, the mad scientist intervenes. He has found the secret substance that turns people to dust. Donald attacks him and the seal, where the vapor was, breaks, turning everyone in the room, including the Scientist and excluding Donald turns into vapor.

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