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Donald Duck's Pet Toon is a male Toon resembling a red-headed, anthropomorphic cat.


This Toon was taken into his home by Donald Duck in 1997 to experiment for the purposes of a file, to be written by Ludwig von Drake in Issue 21 of WAK!, on how to raise a pet Toon in one's home. A typical slapstick Toon, he enjoyed being bashed about or thrown through walls, and Donald often ended up caught in the collateral damage. Seemingly made of cheap paint, the Toon ended up coiling up like a cheap painting; Donald suggested ironing him out to correct this, a barbaric method which annoyed the Pet Toon enough that he deserted Donald (who thought it good riddance).

Behind the scenes

This Toon was only ever seen in Issue 121 of WAK!, which has never been printed in English.