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Peter Pan is (presumed to be) a human being.


Known as "the boy who wouldn't grow up", Peter Pan is usually reckoned to have once been a human boy who found his way to Neverland, although his pointed ears may suggest otherwise. At any rate, he is the very spirit of Neverland, an incarnation of mischief and playfulness. Peter is often cocky and foolhardy but is good at heart.

He leads the Lost Boys and is in constant conflict with Captain Hook. Peter is inseparable from the pixie Tinker Bell, who is very possessive of him and may see something more than platonic in their relationship — unlike Peter, who, may it concern Tink, Wendy Darling or Jane, is thoroughly clueless when it comes to "girl things".

Unlike other humans who need to be sprayed with Pixie Dust to fly, Peter is able to do so at will, apparently thanks to having bonded Tinker Bell's magic to him (the downside being that should Tinker Bell lose her powers, Peter would himself lose the ability to fly).

Peter makes frequent visits to Earth from Neverland, and has become good friends with Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus.

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Peter Pan, based on the character of the same name in James M. Barry's Peter Pan play and novel, first appeared in the 1953 animated motion picture Peter Pan.

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