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Peter Pan: Adventures in Neverland, also known as Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (although it is unrelated to Return to Neverland), is a video game directed by Pascal Stradella. It features Peter Pan, Captain Hook, his crew (including JukesMr Starkey and Turk), Tinker Bell, Mr Smee, Tiger Lily, Big Chief, the Neverland Mermaids, the Lost Boys and several members of Captain Hook's pirate crew.


Tinker Bell has heard rumors of a treasure map leading to a great treasure somewhere in Neverland, and as soon as he hears of it, a bored Peter Pan decides to have some fun by looking for the treasure. However, Captain Hook also seeks the loot, and is the one to find the map first. He cuts it apart and leaves in search of the treasure with Smee, unaware that Peter and Tink are also looking for the treasure, and go so far as to gather the four pieces of the torn map to find it.

Behind the scenes

The game was released in February 2002. Although its plot is unrelated, it was sometime released under the title of Return to Neverland to pass it off as a video game adaptation of the animated feature of the same name.