Peter Pan is an animated feature film based on James Matthew Barrie's play and novel versions of Peter Pan, and directed by Hamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson, Clyde Geronimi and Walt Disney. It features, in their Disney debuts, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, his Pirate Crew (including Jukes, Mullins, Black Murphy, Mr Starkey, Skylights, Wibbles, Turk, the Tattooed Man and Mr Smee), Tinker Bell, the Neverland Mermaids, the Neverland Indian Tribe (including Tiger Lily and Big Chief), the Lost Boys, the Tick-Tock Crocodile, Nana and the Darling family (Wendy, John, Michael, George and Mary).


London, 1904. Young Wendy Darling and her siblings wish to enjoy the whimsy and fun of childhood, but their officious and bumbling father wishes to force them to mature up faster. They find escape in stories about Neverland, starring the mischievous Peter Pan. It's quite a surprise when, one evening, Peter himself (together with the fairy Tinker Bell) appears to whisk all three of them off to Neverland, where they never have to grow up… There, in this land of magic and adventure, they face Captain Hook and meet mermaids and indians right out of a storybook — but is it wise to stay there for too long?


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Behind the scenesEdit

Released in 1953, Disney's Peter Pan was one of several classic stories which, together with Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney had wished to adapt ever since ithe 1940's; a draft of the film had been completed in 1941 but shelved a few years later so that the studio could focus on Cinderella.

In 2002, the film received an official sequel, Return to Neverland. The 1991 live-action film Hook, in whose development Disney was involved, also serves as an unofficial, non-canonical sequel to this film, sharing many design elements with it, though it is officially just a sequel to the book. 

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