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Peter Pig is an anthropomorphic pig.


Peter Pig is an old friend of Donald Duck.

In 1934, he lived close to Donald's home, on the outskirts of Mrs Cackle and Elvira Duck's farms. There, he was president of the "Barnyard Idle Hour Club", of which Donald Duck was vice president and the only other member. When Mrs Cackle asked him for help around the farm, he would often make it look as if he had a stomachache. On at least one occasion, this was to his disadvantage, as it caused him to receive castor oil instead of corn bread from Mrs Cackle.

Following Donald himself, he apparently moved off of Mrs Cackle's farm and into Duckburg, where he went on a couple of adventures with Donald, though the two eventually drifted apart. He was invited to Donald's fiftieth birthday party, indicating that he had remained a good friend of Donald even if they did not see each other often.

Behind the scenes

Peter Pig first appeared in 1934 in the cartoon The Wise Little Hen.

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