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The Phantom's Castle is a magical castle located in the Land of Illusion.


This supernatural castle was built on a magical cloud by the Horned King, to become the sorcerer's new lair after he retreated to the Land of Illusion and stole the Magic Crystal. It was located opposite to the Good Princess's Castle, which, unlike the Phantom's Castle, was located on the firm ground of a mountaintop.

The Castle was filled with deadly traps, and creatures such as floating skulls and giant spiders, all created by the King using Illusion Magic. There were three corridors leading to the King's inner chamber, each deadlier than the next — one whose floor was full of spikes, one where an enchanted moving platform was the only way to cross a pool of lava, and one full of Escherian architecture and floating monsters.

In 1993, Mickey Mouse managed to get through the Castle's defenses to defeat the Horned King and retake the Magic Crystal. What happened to the Castle once the King had been booted from it is unknown; it is possible (as often happens with illusion magic) that it vanished once its creator was no longer around to hold the charm.

Behind the scenes

The Phantom's Castle was only ever seen in the 1993 video game Land of Illusion.