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The Phantom Blot, often seen in the guise of the unassuming Mr Funso“ costumed mascot, is the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to the original Phantom Blot and to Wasteland's Blot simultaneously.


This version of the Phantom Blot was originally an inhabitant of a village which Magica De Spell, in her days as an overwhelmingly powerful witch, ruled with an iron fist. After growing bored of the village, which had given all it had to give, Magica attempted to raze it to the ground; only one man, fated to become the Blot, survived, vowing to take away Magica's power and get revenge for his family.

Over the years, the Blot trained to become more powerful — and more insane. Attacking Magica again and again, he became known as a “thief of magic” throughout the world — wielding a gauntlet through which he could absorb the magic of others, and having vowed not only to take away Magica's powers, but to steal all the magic in the world. Hence does this more sympathetic variation of the Blot remains a ruthless, criminal genius and a master of disguise, using the former quality to become one of the top members of F.O.W.L. and the latter to craft himself a respectable public façade as the owner of Funso's Fun Zone in Duckburg — an owner who is, "strangely enough", never seen outside of his Funso mascot costume.

In 2020, his quest to get revenge on Magic itself led him to track down Lena De Spell, heir to her “Aunt” Magica's powers. He attempted to suck out her powers, seemingly unaware — or uncaring — of the fact that as Lena was made of magic, the process would simply annihilate her. With Webby Vanderquack and Violet Sabrewing leaping to her defence, this led to a sequence of events which ironically returned her powers to Magica De Spell but also led to Lena coming int her own as a powerful magic-user in her own right, and to the Blot's Glove being torn away from him and short-circuited. He was last seen running in fear from a pack of serpents summoned by Webby.

Behind the scenes

The Funso Host first appeared in the 2017 DuckTales 2017 episode Daytrip of Doom. It was not until the final scene of 2019's Moonvasion that he was revealed as the Phantom Blot.

On Frank Angones and the Suspenders of Disbelief, Francisco Angones revealed that this version of the Blot also takes on traits of the Epic Mickey Blot. He also explained that the Blot had a new backstory in this version and that his vengeance-driven personality was now directed at a member of the DuckTales 2017’s long-standing cast, rather than an off-screen Mickey.

Shortly after The Phantom and the Sorceress, he also noted that a scene from that episode was intended to reveal that the Blot had not been the Funso Host since Season 1, but simply impersonated him some time after GlomTales. The scene was eventually deleted, leaving the canonicity of this information ambiguous; notably, if true, it would mean Jason Marsden never actually voiced the Blot, as the Funso Host's post-GlomTales appearance is a silent one.

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