Miss Blackspot, better known as the Phantom Brat, is (probably[1]) a young anthropomorphic female dog.


The "Phantom Brat"[2] is the Phantom Blot's very young daughter. She is the person he cares for most in the whole world, and, realizing it would break her heart if she learnt he was a villainous criminal, he describes himself as the "Good King of the Night" and Mickey Mouse as the "Evil White Knight" in bedtime stories he tells her. To be able to be with her is one of the main reasons for his constant breaking out of jail, and he has also been known to steal diamonds only to give them to her as toys. When he learnt about her existence, Mickey, after having arrested the Blot, decided to allow him to tell her he was going to be missing for a long time his own way and made arrangements for the housekeeper, Mrs Fragmuffin, to care for the girl in the meantime; at the same time, Mickey thought that the Blot's problem was perhaps that he always wanted more than what he had, and that, if he gave up on riches and fame, he could be perfectly happy with his daughter.

Behind the scenes

She first appeared in the last panel of the 1990 story The Big Fall and is also the main character of A Phantom Blot Bedtime Story, the sequel to The Big Fall printed in 1991.

She was not the only daughter of the Phantom Blot ever introduced: Daughter of the Phantom Blot (2006) revealed the existence of another, seemingly-illegitimate, older daughter, Countess Leïla. It has been stated by Jérôme Wicky (who drew the 2006 story) that the two daughters are indeed separate characters.

Notes and references

  1. As her mother is unknown, it is possible that she belonged to another species, making the Phantom Blot's daughter a hybrid of anthropomorphic dog and whatever her mother's species was.
  2. The name is a monniker created by fan to refer to the character, who, in the story, remains nameless. Some have also given her the first name of "Alice", although that is of course mere fanfiction.
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