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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Phantom Dads was the fourth unofficial, parodical Phantom Manor one-page comic story written & drawn by Sara Bardi for Mal's Manor. It features Melanie Ravenswood, Henry Ravenswood, the Phantom of the Opera and (in his only vaguely Disney-related appearance) Gustave de Chagny.


During their contemporary childhoods, Melanie Ravenswood is introduced to Gustave de Chagny, the Phantom of the Opera's son, when the Phantom meets with Henry Ravenswood, himself a future “Phantom”.

Behind the scenes

This tongue-in-cheek crossover story was released in July of 2020 on the website Mal's Manor.

It features the Phantom and Melanie coming across another Phantom and the character of Gustave de Chagny, the Phantom's apocryphal son from the musical sequel to the original story, Love Never Dies. Additional comments posted by the author alongside the comic suggest that the reason Henry Ravenswood met with the Phantom of the Opera was to hire him to design more trapped rooms and torture chambers for Ravenswood Manor.