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Phantom Manor, formerly known as Ravenswood Manor, is a haunted manor-house from Thunder Mesa.


Built upon Boot Hill by mining baron Henry Ravenswood and his brother Arthur in Thunder Mesa's gold rush days, Phantom Manor is a once-stately American manor which later fell into gloomy decay after the earthquake that swallowed part of Thunder Mesa into the bowels of the Earth in 1860.

Haunted by the vengeful Phantom (the dark spirit that remains of Henry Ravenswood), forever tormenting his daughter Melanie, Phantom Manor and Phantom Canyon (the twisted, haunted remains of the part of Thunder Mesa that sank in the earthquake) are also home to numerous other ghosts whom the Phantom continues to rule as a tyrant, much like he did in life.

In time, Phantom Manor came to be a popular attraction within Thunder Mesa, despit the Sheriff's 1885 attempts to close it down to visitors following a series of strange disparitions. The Phantom gladly lets mortal guests pass through its halls and delights in scaring them with the many horrors at his command.


Behind the scenes

Phantom Manor is the setting of the Phantom Manor ride.

Unlike The Haunted Mansion, Phantom Manor does not integrate the presence of the house within the Park as a story feature, instead positing that the entire Frontierland area is one big "ride" wherein the guests visit Thunder Mesa as it existed in the 1880's, about twenty years after the earthquake. It follows that the ride's depiction of Phantom Manor is the Manor as it existed in the 1880's; its present fate is unknown. Although fans like to believe the Manor was eventually brought to the Park, much like Gracey Manor, the comic story The Euro Disneyland Adventure (1992), released to tie in with the opening of Euro Disneyland, begs to differ; in it, the in-universe Disneyland Paris is shown to contain a vreplicarsion of the Haunted Mansion, in place of Phantom Manor. (The Phantom still makes a cameo inside the Mansion, however.)