Phantom Manor Closing Down: Strange Phenomena Observed (Phantom Manor ferme : d'étranges phénomènes observés in the original French) is a live-action webcast featuring Will Ketchum and a cameo by Madame Leota.


The Sheriff of Thunder Mesa takes it upon himself to formally close down Phantom Manor following a series of strange, ghostly phenomena and disappearances in the town which the Sheriff thinks may be connected to it.


  • The short served as the in-universe explanation for the closing down of Phantom Manor (1992) for several months in preparation for a series of updates which, although they are here announced for Autumn 2018, were actually unveiled in May of 2019. The placard the Sheriff is here seen nailing down on the gates of the Manor was indeed installed on the gates of the actual ride as it was closed.
  • Spirit Photography (2018) and The Mysterious Chronicle (2018) furthered the storyline of increased supernatural goings-on in Thunder Mesa and referenced the Sheriff's closing down of the Manor.
  • A second webcast done in a similar style, Phantom Manor Reopening Date (2019), was released a year and a half later to announce the reopening of Phantom Manor on May the 3d.
  • The fictional newspaper Phantom Manor Unveiled (2019), which coincided with the reopening of the Manor and closed off the storyline, referred back to the events of the webcast, revealing the Sheriff's name as Will Ketchum and establishing that its events, in-universe, took place on January the 7th.

Behind the scenesEdit

This short was released on YouTube on the official Disneyland Paris YouTube channel.

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