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Phantom Manor Unveiled is a written story in the form of a two-pages-long newspaper facsimile. It features the Phantom, James Collins, Melanie Ravenswood, Martha Ravenswood, Will Ketchum, Artemus L. Hector, Barry Claude, Sawyer Bottom, Rowan D. Falls and Ignatius Knight.


The story presents itself as a facsimile of an edition of the Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger. Alongside some ads, including one for Madame Leota's séances, an article reports on the history of Phantom Manor and its official reopening now that the city council's investigations into it is over.



  • The "closed Phantom Manor" storyline is here conclueded, having been begun over a year earlier in the webcast Phantom Manor Closing: Strange Phenomena Observed (2018), whose events are referenced, and established to have taken place on January the 7th (the real-life day of the short's release). The temporary attraction Spirit Photography (2018), also set within this timeframe, and its printed companion piece The Mysterious Chronicle (2018), are also referenced.
  • The article on the history of Phantom Manor acknowledges the existence of several rumors about the history of the house, but mostly spends time on the elements revealed in the 2019 updates of Phantom Manor, with whose unveiling the story tied in. It revealed the names of the four new suitors of Melanie's.
  • Rivers Run Again! (2016) was an earlier defictionalized-issue of the Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger, whose existence is referred to in Unveiled. It debuted the character of Artemus L. Hector, the Mayor of Thunder Mesa in the 1880's.
  • In contradiction to Family Secrets (2012), Henry, Martha and Melanie are the only mentioned inhabitants of the house in its glory days, whereas Secrets also assigned Henry's brother Arthur Ravenswood and his wife Gabrielle residence in the Manor.

Behind the scenes

Phantom Manor Unveiled was released in May of 2019, tying in with the reopening of Phantom Manor.