Grand Mogul Philodemus Gentlefogg, best-known as simply the Grand Mogul, is an anthropomorphic duck.


A high-ranking Junior Woodchucks troop leader with as many acronymous titles as medals, Duckburg's Philodemus Gentlefogg is a somewhat bombastic, often stern man, but also a truly good man, and, at heart, a gentle peace-loving soul. Embodying the virtues of a good Woodchuck, the Grand Mogul always strives to be brave, resourceful, and respect Mother Nature — though he can be a bit of a stickler for proper procedure and paperwork. He usually leads Duckburg Burrow Number 13 (Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck's troop) around, often in expeditions into the Black Forest.


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Behind the scenesEdit

Though Carl Barks introduced the title of “Grand Mogul” almost as soon as he did the Junior Woodchucks themselves, the Grand Mogul (whose name was revealed in Let Sleeping Bones Lie) debuted in the 1967 story Rescue of the Grand Mogul, and became a recurring character when Carl Barks used him in nearly all the Junior Woodchucks stories he wrote for Kay Wright in the 1970's.

It is noteworthy that Gentlefogg's design was notably altered by Daan Jippes in his redraws of Carl Barks's scripts, compared to the rendition of the character by Kay Wright; the ‘new’ Mogul has a larger chest, a higher face, and lacks the Wright version's thick black eyebrows. This late redesign stuck, and it is Jippes's take on the Mogul which is most commonly used today by other artists.

In Jippes's 2001 remake of the 1971 story Eagle Savers, the Grand Mogul's name is given as "Senator Birdfriend". This is because, for unclear reasons, Jippes chose to render as the usual Grand Mogul a character who was (in both Barks's storyboard and Wright's inked art) a different troop leader with a longer beak, who did indeed go by Senator Birdfriend. Jippes also made Gentlefogg star in his remake of Storm Dancers (1972), whereas the troop leader in the original, the J.O.Y.K.I.L.L.E.R., had a starkly different physical appearance, being a gull rather than a duck.

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