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Phineas P. Pock is a ghost who used to be a human man.


One of the Singing Busts, Phineas P. Pock was, in life, presumably a friend or relative of the family who owned the Haunted Mansion, as he was buried in the Family Plot, with his epitaph reading simply Here Lies Phineas Pock, Laid To Rest Beneath This Rock. Appearing by possessing a bust of himself like the other four Busts, he is one of the ghosts haunting the Mansion. Like three other members of the quintet, he also materializes as a bust in the Boot Hill Cemetery near Phantom Manor.

Behind the scenes

Phineas P. Pock debuted in 1969 alongside the rest of Disneyland's The Haunted Mansion.

In the Walt Disney World version of the ride, his tombstone does not appear as such; although there is a "Phineas Pock" tombstone in that Mansion's berm graveyard, it does not bear the epitaph and is located not far from the tombstones of Ezra and Gus, suggesting it may instead be the tombstone of the Hitchhiking Ghost Phineas. Yet another possibility is that it is the tombstone of Phineas Pock the 18th-century “old-timer”, or of Lord Phineas J. Pock, the Ghost Host in one of his possible identities.

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