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Phineas Pock was a man (presumably human) who is now a ghost.


A “real old-timer”, elderly Phineas Pock died in 1720 and stayed on Earth as a ghost determined to find some opportunity to have fun by spooking everybody. As Pock related to a news reported in 1969, the opening of the Haunted Mansion as a retirement home for ghosts that mortals would also visit every day provided him the opportunity in question, which he was quite giddy about.

Behind the scenes

This Phineas Pock only ever properly appeared in the 1969 Haunted Mansion promotional radio spot entitled Phineas Pock.

The name of "Phineas Pock" is, of course, of common use in Haunted Mansion lore, also being used for Phineas P. Pock (one of the Singing Busts) and Phineas J. Pock, one of the many potential real names of the Ghost Host, as well as connecting to Prudence Pock. A tombstone for "Phineas Pock" (pictured above) exists in the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion and may belong to the elderly Phineas Pock documented on this page, though it could also be a counterpart to the epitaphed Phineas Pock tombstone at the Disneyland version, which is commonly understood to be Phineas P. Pock, or alternatively refer to Phineas the Hitchhiking Ghost, as hinted at by the proximity of the "Phineas Pock" tombstone to Ezra and Gus's own graves.

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