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Phyllis Diller is a human witch.


Phyllis Diller is the niece of Medusa and Madam Mim. A seemingly very long-lived witch (no great surprise considering her ancestry), Diller allies questionable skillfulness at witchcraft with an unfailing self-confidence and a brash, borderline-hammy demeanor. In 1952, she somehow became the Ghost Host of the Hauted Mansion, replacing the original one, and renamed the house "Diller's Midnight Manor", though this obviously did not stick for very long. Among her acquaintances are Witch Hazel, Witch Martha, Witch Goofy, little Duckenstein, Brer Bear, Zeke Wolf and Count Dracula.

Behind the scenes

This Phyllis Diller was a heavily fictionalized screen persona of the real actress Phyllis Diller, who hosted Spooks and Magic, Episode 4 of The Mouse Factory’s first season, in this guise.

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