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Pilot Jamface is or was a human man.


A friendly and inventive fellow with curly blond hair, Jamface was an R.A.F. pilot during the Battle of Britain together with Gus and Stuffy. He was among the first pilots to become aware of the Gremlins' existence (following Gus and Stuffy), and he was the first to find a nest of widgets in his plane. He came to be on civil terms with the Gremlin who stowed away on his plane, soon to be known as "Gremlin Jamface", though, seemingly, the two never became friends to the extent that Gus and his gremlin did. However, he briefly disbelieved Stuffy when he reported the existence of Spandules, which Jamface thought was taking the fancifulness a bit too far.

Behind the scenes

Pilot Jamface was created by Roald Dahl for The Gremlins.

It appears that Jamface's INDUCKS description (“pilot with black hair”) mistakenly refers to what is actually Stuffy.