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Pilot Stuffy, whose real name may be Stuffus, is or was a human man.


A stern young man, Stuffy was an R.A.F. pilot during the Battle of Britain. After the Gremlins started to show themselves, he refused to believe in them, forcing Gremlin Gus to reveal himself to him by knocking down his glass of beer. Even after this incident, Stuffy continued to act as the unit's professional skeptic, successively denying the existence of Fifinellas and Widgets until both were, in turn, proven to him. However, he then made a discovery of his own; flying at high altitude, he was the first to encounter Spandules.

Behind the scenes

Pilot Stuffy was created by Roald Dahl for The Gremlins.

The gremlin partnered with Stuffy is never heard from in The Gremlins. However, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two features a gremlin called Gremlin Stuffus. It seems the implication is that “Stuffy” was Pilot Gus's nickname for “Stuffus”, and that Gremlin Stuffus was the gremlin who partnered with him.