Pinchpenny Van Dukke was an anthropomorphic duck.


An ancestor and 16th-century-counterpart of Scrooge McDuck, Pinchpenny Van Dukke was the incredibly wealthy, and tough-in-business, uncle of notorious pirate Ringtail Van Dukke. When Ringtail tried to forsake piracy and "go straight", Pinchpenny was the only one who'd give him a job, hiring him to buy a cargo of spices in the Isles for him, and entrusting him with a chest of gold for the purpose. After Ringtail lost the cargo in a shipwreck (though the Van Biegel Lads he had foolishly hired as crew also had a part to play in the matter), he swore not to return to land until he could give Pinchpenny back his money; it was only in 1992, as a ghost, that Ringtail was able to posthumously fulfill his oath by bringing back the chest of gold to Pinchpenny's modern-day "heir" Scrooge McDuck (who looked so much like Pinchpenny that Ringtail mistook him for his uncle altogether).

Behind the scenesEdit

Pinchpenny Van Dukke appears in the 1992 story The Last Voyage of Ringtail Van Dukke.

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