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Pintail Duck was an anthropomorphic duck.


Presumably born around 1530, Pintail Duck was the boatswain of the Falcon Rover under the command of Captain Loyal Hawk. Pintail was placed directly under the command of the wealthier and nobler Malcolm McDuck, an ancestor of Scrooge. As Pintail is stated to have been a direct ancestor of Donald, it seems likely that he was married in England and left some children behind when he sailed off to the Carribean in the early 1560's on the Rover one final time. The ship went down in December of 1564, but Pintail and Malcolm McDuck survived, later joining Sir Francis Drake's crew and being dispatched on Fort Drakeborough.

Behind the scenes

Pintail Duck first appeared in 1956 in Carl Barks's story Back to Long Ago!, although only in flashback form.