The Pipe-Smoking Cat is an anthropomorphic cat.


An acquaintance of Mickey Mouse's in his early, 1920's Silo Center days, this genial old cat with a smoking habit participated in Mickey's "big vaudeville show" at the local Opry House. With most of his body hiding behind a cutout of a basket, he penciled eyes on his tail and gave the illusion of a snake-charming act. However, the cutout fell down halfway through, forcing the performer to run backstage in embarrassment and Mickey to move on to the next number. Overall, however, the performance was a success.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pipe-Smoking Cat appears in the 1929 cartoon The Opry House. He is mistakenly reported by several online sources as the first appearance of Kat Nipp, despite bearing no resemblance to speak of to Nipp.

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