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Pistol Pete is Pete and Peg's daughter and the sister of Pete Junior.


Despite her mixed heritage, Pistol takes after her mother Peg in appearance, particularly her hair, though with her father's ears.

Spunky and extremely energetic, she has a overactive imagination and often talks very fast. Pistol is friendly to everyone including Goofy and Max Goof, though at times she can annoy others with her insistence that they play with her. In contrast to P.J., Pete usually spoils Pistol and indulges her every whims. Pistol loves animals from Chainsaw and Waffles to circus animals like lions and elephants.

Behind the scenes

Like her mother Peg, Pistol is absent from both A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie, despite P.J. appearing in both. The writer for the movies, Kevin Lima, has said that Pistol and her mother are still with Pete and PJ.[1], also saying "Because we were concentrating down on a father/son story, we left what Peg and Pistol were up to up to your imagination."[2]

Whilst Pistol's species is never stated in the series, as Goof troop never discussed the species of the anthromorphic characters, she has the same small nose and pointy ears as Pete and PJ, as well as several minor characters, one of which was named, Cathy, a play on cat. Due to this it is safe to say Pistol is a catnose.

Voice actor

  • Nancy Cartwright