The Pixie Crown is a magical artifact.


In the care of the Queen of the Neverland Fairies, Clarion, this magical crown has the ability of turning a human (or goblin, and presumably all sorts of other humanoids) into a pixie. If the "wish" is strong enough, it can also reverse the transformation, but at the price of removing the target's memory of their time as a pixie.

Known TargetsEdit

  • Wendy Darling: Temporarily turned from a human girl into a pixie by the Crown, forcibly, and later returned to normal the same way.
  • Hob Nob: Definitively turned from a goblin into a pixie, at his own request.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Crown was only ever seen in the 1953 story Wendy and Tinker Bell in Pixieland.

In the Disney Fairies prequel series, taking place a century earlier than Pixieland, Queen Clarion does not wear the Pixie Crown but instead a nondescript golden diadem that does not show any magical powers. It is thus likely that Clarion only obtained the Crown after the events of Disney Fairies.

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